How to Uninstall FocusMe

Removing FocusMe from your machine can be tricky – it’s part of the protection! It was programmed this way because – think about it – it wouldn’t be an effective website and application blocker otherwise, right?

Nevertheless, you can still uninstall FocusMe if you need to. Just follow this guide.

How It Works

FocusMe is programmed in a way that you won’t be able to exit out of it if at least one Focus plan is running. You would be able to close the interface freely, but FocusMe would still run in the background.

You can exit out of FocusMe by right-clicking its icon from the System Tray and choosing “Exit”.

If a plan is running while you attempt to exit out of FocusMe, you will see this message:

The only way to exit out of FocusMe completely is to stop all plans first.


Uninstalling FocusMe is not any easier. If you try to uninstall FocusMe while a plan is running, you will see this message:

If you have fulfilled the above requirements and exited out of it, you can then uninstall FocusMe normally.

Uninstall Protection

FocusMe comes with Uninstall Protection and that’s what makes the above happen. It’s enabled by default, but if you disable it in the settings, you would be able to uninstall FocusMe even if a plan is running.


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