Helper Box

FocusMe provides a useful tool called “Helper” to pinpoint details used to target particular websites and applications.

In order to use the Helper tool, start by opening a browser and loading any web page. In this example, we will use Microsoft Edge as our browser of choice and for the webpage. With your web page loaded, we are ready to explore the Helper.

Access the Helper dialog box by right-clicking the FocusMe icon in the lower right corner of your screen and selecting the Helper option. A popup dialog box should appear.

You are now be able to review the Application Name, Process Name, Process Path, Title, and URL from this dialog window.

This is extremely useful if you wanted to, for example, target the entire Microsoft Edge browser and not just a particular webpage in the application. We may want to limit our access time per day to Microsoft Edge. So we could create a plan, as outlined in previous videos, to target either the Application Name of “Microsoft Edge” or directly control the Process Name of MicrosoftEdge.exe via the plan creation wizard. From there, we could create unique rules, scheduling, and protections to help develop productive habits with this program.

Additional features and improvements will be made to the FocusMe Helper in future updates. Make sure you keep your subscription and program installation up-to-date to take advantage of exciting future releases.

Thank you for joining us on this video and we look forward to seeing you in future videos of the FocusMe tutorial series.

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