How to Track Your Website and App Usage with FocusMe

FocusMe has a feature where you can see your website and application usage. It can be found in the Web Stats and App Stats tabs. This is handy for monitoring how long you view a website or program compared to others.

Web and App Stats

These tabs gives you an easy-to-read report of the websites/apps you visit/use.

The Web Stats screen, and…

…the App Stats screen.

Note: The Daily Web Stats and App Stats reset at 12:00 AM each day.


These things are present on both App Stats and Web Stats tabs:

  1. Web/App tabs – View the Websites and Applications statistics separately
  2. List Titles – Name, Time spent, and Launches rows
  3. Clear History – Click on this to clear the list and reset tracking data
  4. Date Filter – Let’s you filter the data:

    Selecting “Custom” from the options let you filter data via specific start and end dates

  5. Ellipsis – Clicking on this will give you the option to remove the respective item from the list.
  6. Pie chart – Gives you a graphical representation of the websites/apps usage in the list.

Enable / Disable Website or Application Tracking

If you wish to disable Website or Application usage tracking completely you can do this under the General tab of the Settings page:


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