How to Pause a Focus Plan

FocusMe has a pausing feature where you can temporarily pause a plan, making it inactive so you can access websites and/or programs that are supposed to be blocked.This can prove useful in some cases.

This guide will show you how to setup and enable pausing in plans.

You start by either creating a new plan or editing an existing one. To create a new plan, hit the “add plan” button on the upper right. To edit an existing plan, you can either right-click on the plan and select “Edit Plan” or hit the respective ellipsis on the right.

Go through the rest of the wizard depending on your needs and preferences until you get to the last page (Protection). This is where you enable the pausing feature.

Pausing has 3 main options:

  1. Disable – Pausing will not be available when the plan is running.
  2. Random Characters – You can pause a plan after inputting a system generated password (length can be set).
  3. Custom Password – You will set a password that is prompted whenever pausing is attempted.

If pausing is enabled, these options will be available:

  1. Pause limit (Per day) – Sets the maximum number of times you can pause for a day.
  2. Pause length – Sets how long the plan will be paused.

Once you’re finished setting it up, click “Done” to save the plan.

Clicking on the “Stop” button will give the option to either pause or stop the plan.

When you pause a plan, the pause timer would show up like this:

It would also show in your timer box if it is enabled:

When a plan is paused, clicking on the “Stop” button again would give you these options:


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