How to Block the Entire Internet (and optionally allow certain sites)

You can setup FocusMe to block all websites and optionally allow some websites to be accessed. Here’s how.

The first thing you do is either create a new plan or edit an existing one. To create a new plan, hit the “Add Plan” button on the upper right. To edit an existing plan, you can either right-click on the plan and select “Edit Plan” or hit the respective ellipsis on the right.

Type the name of the Focus plan (for editing existing plans, the name shows up here) then hit “Next”.

On the Websites page, select “Block All Websites”. Notice that the Blocklist tab would disappear, leaving the Allowlist tab. This is where you can add the website/s you like to keep accessing. Click “Add Site”.

You can select the website/s in the History tab,

Or manually input them in the Custom tab. Make sure you set the type to “URL”

Note: you can add more than one URL by hitting enter after each, as shown below:

Hit “Done” when you are done adding the item/s on the list. Then hit “Next”.

Finish the rest of the wizard following your preferences. Then try to open any websites not on the Allowlist. You will notice that FocusMe blocks these websites. You can try this on different browsers with the same result.

Next, try to open a website included in the Allowlist. FocusMe will let you access it.


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