How to Add to Blocklist or Allowlist while a Plan is Active

Ever wished you could add websites/apps to the blocklist/allowlist without having to stop the plan? You can actually do that with FocusMe.

Right-Click (Windows) or Command-Click (macOS) on the plan and you should see this popup options:

  • Block New Site – Click on this to add a website to the blocklist
  • Block New App – Select this to add a program to the blocklist
  • Allow New Site – Used to add a website to the allowlist
  • Allow New App – Used to add a program to the allowlist

Note: The “Allow New Site” and “Allow New App” options are only available either if the plan is stopped, or if they are enabled prior to running the Focus plan.

You can enable Allowlist adding by going to the Protection page (6/6) of the Focus Plan Wizard.

Add to Allowlist options:

  • Disable – Disables adding to Allowlist while the plan is running.
  • Random Chars – Asks for a random password everytime you want to add to the Allowlist. You can set the length of the password (up to a maximum of 200 characters).
  • Password – Asks for a password you set whenever you want to add to the Allowlist.

When adding a website or program to the Blocklist/Allowlist, you will see a window like this:

Note: The window pop-up title and type list differs depending on the option you chose.

Adding websites/apps in this method would take effect as soon as you click on “Accept” since the plan is already running.

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