How to Use the Scheduler On FocusMe Android

FocusMe has a handy feature where you can setup your plans to work on a schedule so you won’t have to manually start/stop them every time. This guide explains this feature in detail.

Create a new plan by tapping on the “+” button on the lower right corner. Add websites and/or apps depending on your needs then hit “NEXT” to go to the next screen.

On the Scheduling page, select “Scheduled” and tap “NEXT”. Select the days you want the plan to be active, then tap “Next”. The next screen is where you set the time. Tap on the “+” button on the lower right.

This is where you set the time schedule of your plan. The “FOCUS FROM” and “FOCUS UNTIL” tabs is where you set the start and end times, respectively.

Note: When selecting the hour, observe military time.

The example below shows a schedule is set from 8AM to 5PM. You can set multiple time schedules depending on your needs by tapping the “+” to add more. Once done, tap “NEXT”.

Tip: One way to set a plan to run the whole day is to create a schedule from 00:00 to 23:59.

Go through the next couple of screens as per your preferences.

On most cases it is advised to add start and end dates for your plan, especially for those that run 24/7 and is set to “Forced Mode”. Once done, tap “SAVE” to finish the wizard and save the plan.


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