How to Use the FocusMe Helper

You may not know this, but FocusMe has a “Helper” feature that you can access by right-clicking the FocusMe icon on the System Tray.

Note: You may need to click on the arrow to show the FocusMe icon if it’s not readily visible.

Once opened, the Helper feature will display information about the current active window:

Notice that Steam is opened and is currently the active window. The Helper window shows information about it such as the Application name, Process path, Title, etc. you can use to block it. You can use Helper anytime you need to get information about the website or application you are currently viewing.

The Uses of Helper

The Helper feature has many uses. The two most common are listed below:

Blocking Assistance

As mentioned above, the Helper provides you with information about the active window. You can use this to determine how to best block any website or program.

There are some apps that are hard to block because of reasons like their titles change on every launch, they have no title, or you don’t know what they’re called. This is where the Helper feature shines.

Just launch it and open the program/website in question:

The example above shows a program that is preferably blocked using its process name as the title contains an unusual character and the application name can be shared by other programs. It might not be very obvious without the Helper.

Testing Browsers

There are some cases where plans don’t seem to block websites. It may be caused by FocusMe not detecting the URL on a browser. A good way to test this is to use the Helper feature.

The example above shows an instance where the URL line ism blank. This means FocusMe cannot detect the URL from this browser.

If you encounter this scenario, a good workaround is to either block the website by title or block the browser itself. Also, please let our support team know about this so they can help you out.

The example above shows a browser that works with FocusMe as it can detect the URL from it.

Check Other Useful Information

You can also use Helper to get other useful bits of information such as the current time, the version of FocusMe you’re using, and how long It’s been active.

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