How to use RegEx (Regular Expressions) with FocusMe

FocusMe supports using Regular Expressions for advanced matching in your blacklist or whitelist.

What is RegEx?

RegEx (or regexp) is short for Regular Expressions (or sometimes known as Rational Expressions). It is a special sequence of characters used to define a search pattern. FocusMe can use RegEx to match specific keywords and/or set of characters to fine-tune your blacklist/whitelist.

If you want to learn more about Regular Expressions, you can read more here:

All RegEx entries should be added using the custom tab when you add targets. Be sure to tick the RegEx checkbox after adding it.

RegEx Examples

You can visit to test out these examples and see what they mean.

Match any Google domain


Match Google Image searches


Note: The above example actually works even if the RegEx box is unticked. Just make sure the type is set to “URL”:

Match but not


Match but not other sites such as


Match Google Searches for a particular phrase


Match but not or

Supposing you wanted to block all internet but allow only google searches (not allow gmail), then you could put this rule in your whitelist to match but not or


Match 3 words any order, case insensitive

The example words are community, videos & vimeo


Match any word


Using \b and \b will block the whole keywords but not if they form part of another word.

Including (?i) makes the whole expression case insensitive.

Please visit to test out these examples and see what they mean. You can also read about what the special characters do:

Need more help with Regular Expressions? There are tons of articles and videos about it online.


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