How to Block Windows 10 Store Apps

It is recommended that these applications be blocked via Window title.

The Helper feature in FocusMe will be really useful here. Right-click on the FocusMe icon in the System Tray. Note: If you don’t see the FocusMe icon, click the arrow to show the hidden icons.

The Helper displays information about the active website/application that you can use to block it. The example below shows Notepad open and active while the Helper tool displays information about it.

All the information in the Helper window is useful, but for this tutorial please take note of the “Title” line. This is what you put in as a Windows title.

The next thing we do is go back to FocusMe and create a new Focus plan. Click the “Add Plan” button on the upper right.

Type in a name for the Focus plan then click on “Next”.

The Website page (2/6) is skipped for this guide. Go over to the Applications page (3/6) and click “Add App”.

Go to the Custom tab and input the title of the application you wish to block. Don’t forget to set the type to “Windows Title”. Then click “Done” to add the item/s to the list.

Go through the rest of the wizard as per your preferences. Once you have saved the changes, try and test out the Focus plan to see if it works.

You can turn Helper off by:

  • Closing the Helper window via the red x on the upper right corner.
  • Right-clicking on the FocusMe tray icon and selecting Helper again.


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