How to Block Websites in FocusMe Android

The Android version of FocusMe has two main functions – block websites and apps. Here is how to create a Focus plan that blocks websites.

Creating the Focus Plan

The first thing you do is create a Focus plan. Click the “+” icon on the bottom right hand corner to create a new plan.

You can skip the first page since this list is for blocking apps.

The next screen is where you add websites to block. Tap on the space indicated below to type in the website you want to block then hit the check mark to enter it. Rinse and repeat for each website you want to add. Once finished, tap “NEXT”.

Tip: To delete a website form the list, press and hold on it until you see the option to delete it.

The next screen shows Scheduling mode. For this tutorial, choose “Quick Focus”. This sets your plan to run on a single session. Then tap “NEXT”.

The next page will let you set the duration of the plan. The example below shows it is set to 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can set the duration to a maximum of 99 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes. Tap “NEXT” to continue.

The next screen lets you select how FocusMe deals with the blocked apps. Select “Just Block” so that FocusMe outright blocks the selected apps when you try to launch them. Then click “NEXT”.

The last screen lets you set the protection of the plan.

  1. No protection – Lets you stop the Focus plan anytime.
  2. Custom Password – A password you set will be asked when you try to stop the plan.
  3. Random Password – FocusMe will generate a random password to type in when trying to stop the plan. The password length can be set (maximum of 100 characters)
  4. Forced Mode – Does not let you stop the plan. Please use caution when selecting this. Only use this option when you are completely familiar with FocusMe.

Choose whichever method you prefer and set accordingly. Tap “SAVE” when you’re done to save the Focus plan.

Testing the Focus Plan

Notice that the plan starts up by default. You can tap on it to see the plan details. You can stop the plan by tapping on the stop icon beside the plan name or by tapping “STOP” at the bottom of the plan details.

If the plan is stopped and you tap on it, you’ll see these buttons instead:

Trying to access blocked websites while the plan is running will result in a message like below:

And that’s how you block websites using FocusMe. Combine this with blocking apps and see how much work you can get done


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