How to Block Twitter

Ever since Twitter was launched back in 2006, it has been a well known social media platform used by people from all over the world. With over 300 million active users monthly, it can be easy to lose hours just going through the thousands (if not millions) of tweets.

It is indeed a very good source of distraction. Luckily, FocusMe can be used to block Twitter.

The first thing you do is either create a new plan or edit an existing one. To create a new plan, hit the “add plan” button on the upper right. To edit an existing plan, you can either right-click on the plan and select “Edit Plan” or hit the respective ellipsis on the right.

Type the name of the Focus plan (for editing existing plans, the name shows up here) then hit “Next”

On the next page, click on the “Add Site” button.

Go to the custom tab and type in “” (without the quotes). Make sure that the type is set to “URL”. Then click “Done”.

Your Blocklist should look like below. Then click on “Next”.

The next page is the Application page. Just hit “Next” here to skip it.

On the next page, set the Focus Type to “Just Block” then hit “Next”.

On the Scheduling page (5/6), set the Scheduling mode to “Quick”.

Set how long you like the Focus plan to run. The example below shows a quick session that is 30 minutes long. Click on “Next” to go to the last page.

On the last page, you can set the type of protection as per your preference.

NOTE: Setting the plan to “Forced” means you cannot stop the plan manually. Use with caution!

Click “Done” when you are finished.

That’s it. Whenever this plan is running, Twitter will be inaccessible.


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