How to block Internet but allow Google Drive and Google Docs

You can setup FocusMe to block the whole internet but still allow access to Google Drive and Google Docs.

The first thing you do is either create a new plan or edit an existing one. To create a new plan, hit the “Add Plan” button on the upper right. To edit an existing plan, you can either right-click on the plan and select “Edit Plan” or hit the respective ellipsis on the right.

Type the name of the Focus plan (for editing existing plans, the name shows up here) then hit “Next”.

On the Websites page (2/6), choose Block All Websites. This would hide the Blocklist tab since you’ll be blocking all websites.

The next thing to do is to allow Google Docs and Google Drive. Click on “Add Site”.

Go to the Custom tab and add the following URLs:

NOTE: some URLs might be slightly different depending on your location. It won’t hurt to check first just to be sure.

Ensure the Type is set to “URL”: Then click on “Done”.

Your Allowlist should then look like this. Click “Next”.

Go through the rest of the wizard following your own preference. Then save your Focus plan.

And that’s it. When this plan is active, all websites will be blocked except for Google Docs and Google Drive.


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